Conducting a Fair Investigation as an Employer

Normally, the only time that an employer will required to undertake an investigation is when there has been an accusation of misconduct against one or more employees, as a precursor to taking disciplinary action. The ACAS code states, at paragraph 5, that, in such circumstances employers would normally “carry out an investigation to establish the … Read more

What is Misconduct and What Amounts to Gross Misconduct?

Employers are, of course, entitled to dismiss employees for misconduct[1]. The question which often arises however, is what constitutes misconduct and what constitutes gross misconduct. It is important for the employer to distinguish between misconduct and gross misconduct because of finding of gross misconduct can have very serious consequences for the employee – i.e. he … Read more

Government’s Concession Allows Employee Ownership Scheme to Pass

The coalition government’s proposal for employee ownership has finally passed through the House of Lords, after Chancellor George Osborne made a key concession to allow the bill to go through. The Growth and Infrastructure Bill, which is known in the media as “Shares for Rights”, was passed by the House of Lords and now means … Read more

UK Employment Legislation to Change from June

The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill received Royal assent in April of this year and now the Enterprise and Regulatory Report Act 2013 will gradually come into being over the next 12 months. The government has announced some key dates for changes surrounding Employment Law and Employment Tribunal procedures which will come into being from … Read more