Case Review: Female PA wins unfair dismissal claim after affair with boss

The chief executive of a property business who sacked his 32 year old PA after a 3-year affair faces a significant payout after she won a claim for unfair dismissal.[1] The affair between the PA and the chief executive who was some 20 years older than her, lasted for 3 years. During this time he … Read more

Case Review: Sex Offender’s mother wins unfair dismissal claim

Teaching Assistant Tracy Hodgkinson brought an unfair dismissal claim against her former employer, a primary school in Ipswich, Suffolk. Mrs Hodgkinson lost her job in January 2012. She felt she had been unfairly dismissed following her decision to keep in touch with her convicted sex-offender son. Mrs Hodgkinson’s son was found guilty of grooming and sexual … Read more

Introduction of Employment Tribunal fees

There is a great deal of worry amongst the Unions and employment law solicitors with the approaching tribunal fees which arrive on the 29th July 2013. Their main worry which is fairly understandable is that the fees are going to deny justice to employees who have been unfairly dismissed. They could be viewed as prohibitive … Read more

Disputes with Neighbours

The nature of disputes with neighbours means that no two problems are the same. Some  problems arise more frequently than others and are detailed briefly below. Boundary Disputes Boundary disputes are a common cause of dispute between neighbours.  Ascertaining the correct property boundaries is vital and there are several ways of going about this. Many … Read more

Woman Sacked After Miscarriages Wins Sex Discrimination Case

A female employee in Northern Ireland who had suffered two miscarriages and claimed that she had been sacked because of the corresponding time off work, has been awarded more than £12,500 by an Employment Tribunal. Linzi Close brought a claim against Belfast Audi Limited on the grounds that it had discriminated against her when it … Read more

Dundee Council ordered to pay £100,000 to harassed employee

A former school technician who was subjected to sexual harassment and bullying has been awarded more than £100,000 by an employment tribunal. Margaret Malcolm, age 46, had complained that male colleagues at Baldragon Academy had scribbled male genitalia on drawings she had done for her Brownie pack, stuck models of a penis to her telephone … Read more