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No win no fee Employment Solicitors

Our No Win No Fee Employment Solicitors Do I Have A Case? provide highly experienced no win no fee employment solicitors, working alongside their clients to provide the best possible outcome to any dispute arising with an employer. Our employment lawyers provide specialist advice on employee rights in the workplace and are experts in all aspects of […]

Partnership Disputes

Partnerships frequently encounter difficulties and this can result in a partnership dispute. What is a Partnership? A partnership ‘is the relation which subsists between persons carrying on a business in common with a view of profit’[1] There are three types of partnership A Partnership created under the Partnership Act 1890 A Limited Partnership established under […]

City Redundancies and Dismissals

City Redundancies and Dismissals Do I Have A Case?, is a trading name of  Tom Street & Co – specialist No-Win-No-Fee Employment Solicitors. We offer a friendly and professional service, representing city employees at employment tribunals All Over England and Wales and we are here to help you with any employment claim that you may want to bring against you former employer. Redundancies If […]

Compromise / Settlement Agreements

We specialise in advising employees on the terms and effect of a Compromise Agreement or Settlement Agreement. What is a Compromise Agreement? It is possible for a contract of employment to be brought to an end by mutual agreement between the employer and the employee. By entering into this agreement, the employee normally agrees to give […]

Breach of contract

What is a breach of contract Contract law governs all types of everyday transactions, from buying a pint of beer to concluding multimillion pound finance deals.  Despite this, contract law is by no means a straight forward area of law and, even where written contracts exist, parties frequently find it difficult to enforce them resulting […]

Defamation: Libel and Slander

Our defamation solicitors are experts in taking forward what can be tricky defamation cases. Whether you have a case for libel or slander our defamation solicitors  will be able to talk you through every step of the process from issuing the claim to attending court in the final trial. If you feel you might have […]

Boundary Disputes

Boundary Disputes Due to the nature of boundary dispute cases, we rarely offer to represent clients on a no win no fee basis, however we are able to provide a competitive hourly rate and an initial consultation with a solicitor is free of charge. Below are further details relating to boundary disputes which may also […]

Pregnancy Discrimination – Protecting Your Maternity Leave Rights

Your Maternity Rights at Work “Congratulations!”…Whether you hear this through gritted teeth or with genuine happiness from your boss, you have rights when you are pregnant, and your length of service is irrelevant. Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is more common than we think. The 4 main maternity leave rights are: The right to paid […]

Product Liability

As a consumer, you are entitled to assume that products you have purchased are safe to use. This is not always the case, and on occasions, faulty products have been known to cause serious injury to consumers. If you have been harmed by a defective product then you may be able to claim compensation from […]

Other Disputes

What is the Nature of Your Dispute? If you believe that you have a case, or you are involved in litigation, and you need a free, confidential legal opinion from a solicitor, we are here to help. Whatever your dispute, our team of experienced dispute resolution solicitors can help: If you are involved in a […]