Major disasters

Thankfully in this county, major disasters, such as transport crashes, are a rarity. However when they do occur, they cause horrific injury, both physically psychologically, and even death.

Have you been involved in a major disaster?

If you are ever involved in such a tragedy, you should seek help from a solicitor with the experience do recognise and service your unique needs. You should also employ a solicitor with the wherewithal to ensure that you receive appropriate rehabilitation treatment and compensation to help you get your life back together. If you or a loved one has been injured in a major disaster, please call us on [phonenumber] to discuss your case, or alternatively, fill out the simple form below and we will call you back at a time convenient to you.

Experienced solicitors

Our solicitors have successfully represented many victims of the 1999 Ladbroke Grove/Paddington rail disaster, some of whom were very seriously injured and other who lost members of their family.

We are therefore acutely sensitive to the needs of clients who have multiple and permanent injuries and we work hard to make sure our clients recover the compensation they need to rebuild their lives.

For expert advice on the application the law relating to personal injury and fatal accident claims arising from major disasters, please contact one of our specialist solicitors on [phonenumber]. The call is free and you will speak to a qualified and experienced solicitor, who will be more than happy to discuss the details of your case with you. Alternatively fill out the form to the right and we will call you back.

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