Claim against your Legal Advisor

If you receive poor service or advice from a solicitor or barrister, which has caused you loss, you may have the right to compensation.

Have you received bad advice or representation?

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More Information about Claims Against Legal Advisors

As a providers of specialist legal advice care, all legal advisors, whether they are solicitors, barristers or legal executives, owe their clients a common law duty of care. They will also often have a contractual relationship with their clients as well.

Was the service provided substandard?

In order to establish a claim against a legal advisor, the standard of service provided by the legal advisor must be substandard as judged by the standards of those claiming to have that same set of skills and abilities, i.e. his fellow legal professionals. This means that poor service does not always amount to negligence. In order to pursue a case, you will also have to establish that you have suffered a financial loss as a result the poor advice or representation.

Possible reasons to claim

Claims against legal advisors can arise in many different circumstances:

  • The provision of incorrect legal advice;
  • Failure to adhere to strict Court deadlines;
  • Allowing a claim to be struck out;
  • Failing to give comprehensive advice with regards to property transactions.

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