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How it works

Conditional Fee Agreement

If we believe that you have reasonable prospects of succeeding in your case, we will represent you pursuant to a Conditional Fee Agreement (a CFA – often known as a no win, no fee agreement). This means that we will only be paid if your case is successful and if we do win your case, our legal costs will be paid by your opponents and not from your damages, which you will receive 100% of.

Legal expenses insurance

You may be unsure as to who would pay your opponent’s legal costs in the event that your case was unsuccessful. We recommend that you, at the beginning of your case, you take out a policy of legal expenses insurance which, in the unlikely event that your case is unsuccessful, will meet any costs which you are ordered to pay. There is a premium payable for this insurance policy, but the premium is only payable at the conclusion of your legal case, and is payable by your opponent. In the event that your case is unsuccessful, the insurance company waive the premium. As such, whilst you benefit from a policy of insurance protecting you in the event that you lose your case, you never have to pay any premium.

Employment Tribunal claims

The situation is slightly different in relation to Employment Tribunal claims because, the normal rule in Employment Tribunal claims is that both parties bear their own legal costs, irrespective of the outcome. However if we believe that your employment claim has reasonable prospects of success, we will represent you pursuant to a Contingency Fee Agreement, pursuant to which we will be paid our costs as a percentage of any damages that you are awarded. If your Employment Tribunal claim is unsuccessful, we will not be paid. If you want to see a sample of our Contingency Fee Agreement please do not hesitate to contact us either by telephone on 0800 014 8727 or email us on