New Recruitment Site says Ugly People Need Not Apply

The dating website has 750,000 “good looking” members on its books and has decided to create an employment agency as a spin-off of the main business.

Companies who consider it important to only hire good-looking staff will be able to log on to the dating community website and browse through a selection of attractive candidates.

The website will allow employers to advertise their vacancies to the members and should any of the good-looking members be interested in one of the positions they can apply directly through the website.

Greg Hodge, Managing Director of, explained “attractive people tend to make a better first impression on clients, win more business and earn more. We have a dedicated team to validate each business which applies to our recruitment service so that every introduction is safe and legitimate. This isn’t an invitation for crack-pots to come and ogle our beautiful members.”

Companies who have already decided to take advantage of the service or are considering doing so, include a Los Angeles-based estate agency and a London bridal designer.

This would appear to a diametrically opposed approach to that of anonymous CVs, previously discussed on this site. Employment experts are concerned that the website might open itself up to discrimination claims if it can be shown that looks were found to be a reason for an unsuccessful application.