Claim against your Surveyor

Claim against your surveyor

Professional Negligence: Making a claim against your surveyor

If you, or your organisation, have received poor advice or service from a surveyor or valuer and this has resulted in financial loss, we could help you make a claim for compensation.

As professional service providers all surveyors and valuers owe their clients a common law duty of care. They also have a contractual relationship with their clients.

Was the service provided substandard?

In order to establish a viable claim against a surveyor for professional negligence, the standard of service provided by them must be deemed ‘substandard’. In legal terms, this would be as judged by the standards of those claiming to have that same set of skills and abilities, i.e. their fellow surveyor professionals.

In this area of professional practice for example, qualifying surveyors and valuers would be expected to uphold the professional standards set out by RICS.

However, it should be noted that poor service does not always amount to negligence. In order to pursue a case, you will also have to establish that you have suffered a financial loss as a result their poor advice.

Possible reasons to claim against your surveyor

One of the most common claims that clients have against surveyors is where the surveyor has negligently failed to identify defects in the structure of a building prior to the client’s purchase.

For example, if a client has paid for a comprehensive building survey, and the surveyor fails to identify damp or subsidence, the client may have a claim against them for negligence.

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