Our no win no fee policy

Our no win no fee policy for Employment Cases

Our policy is completely transparent and very simple, as follows:

1. Our fee is 35% (inc. VAT) of any damages/compensation recovered (plus disbursements).
2. You pay nothing if we lose the case except disbursements*.
3. We will never charge more than £200 (exc. VAT) in disbursments (i.e. expenses for travel etc.)

Under new legislation solicitors are not able to charge anymore than 35% (inclusive of VAT) in any employment claim. Often solicitors are able to hike this fee by adding on additional unnecessary disbursements. We will not do that here at Do I Have A Case? and the most you will ever have to pay in disbursements is £200.

*It is extremely unlikely that you will have to pay the other sides costs if you lose. The normal rule in Employment Tribunal claims is that both parties bear their own legal costs, irrespective of the outcome. The only situation in which you may have to pay costs is if the claim is deemed by the tribunal to be vexatious or you have conducted yourself disruptively or unreasonably. This is a very rare occurrence.

Please see our Compensation Guide for more information.