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Reasons to claim

Unfair Dismissal

If you have been dismissed when you shouldn’t have been or your employer has sacked you without following the proper procedure then it is likely that you have been unfairly dismissed.

You have been unfairly dismissed if the reason you have been given for your dismissal is not the real one; you have been given an unfair reason for your dismissal or you were not given sufficient warning about your dismissal.

Find out more about unfair dismissal.

See Asserting a Statutory Right for more information. If you are looking to make a no win no fee employment compensation claim, our solicitors are experts in unfair dismissal and all areas of employment law, please call now for advice or fill in our online form.


We able to assist you if you have been discriminated against, in other words, treated less favourably than others for one of the following reasons:

If you need more information about Discrimination click here or call 0800 014 8727. Our expert employment no win no fee solicitors can help you.


If you have made a complaint against your employer or supported a colleague in making a complaint or grievance and have subsequently been treated less favourably by your employer as a result then you may make a claim for victimisation.

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying has no legal definition but if you are being treated in a way that you find offensive or disturbing then you have two possible options.

  • If the treatment relates to your age, sex, disability or religion then you may bring a claim for harassment under the Equality Act 2010.  It does not have to be your employer who has treated you badly; your employer has a duty to prevent your colleagues, clients and customers treating you in a way which you find disturbing, abusive or offensive.
  • Alternatively, if you have had to resign from your job because of the way that you have been treated by your colleagues, your manager or your employer then you could make a claim for constructive dismissal.  You must have been employed for two years, however, if you want to make this kind of claim.

Resigning from your job because your employer has breached your contract

It may be that your employer has acted in such a way that your contract of employment has been breached.  Such a breach needs to be fundamental to the contract.  Examples of such a breach would be:

  • The imposition of radically different terms of employment;
  • Being harassed, bullied or humiliated by your employer;
  • Not being properly supported during difficult working conditions (so not getting enough support when you find your work stressful);
  • Being excessively disciplined for a minor misdemeanour;
  • Imposing a change in place of work at short notice;
  • Imposing a reduction in hours or salary;
  • Falsely accusing staff of poor conduct or being incapable;
  • Being victimised or bullied;
  • Being discriminated against.

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Redundancy is all too common in today’s economic climate and can be very stressful for those involved.  Taking legal advice early can help you to manage the potential stress of a redundancy situation.

If you have been made redundant then you may be entitled to redundancy pay, notice, consultation, the opportunity to move to a different job within the business and time off to help you look for another job.

If your employer has chosen you to be made redundant and other staff doing the same job have kept their jobs then it is important that your employer has used a fair criteria in selecting who is to be made redundant.  If you are in doubt about how you have been selected then you may well have a case for unfair dismissal.

Find out more about Redundancy.

Unlawful Deductions from Wages

We can help you if your employer owes you money because you

  • have not been paid notice pay,
  • not been paid overtime that you are entitled to
  • not been paid a contractual bonus
  • not been paid redundancy pay
  • you work in retail and you have been docked pay because of cash shortages in the till or missing stock

Asserting a Statutory Right

If you are dismissed or selected for redundancy because you have attempted to take advantage of your legal rights as an employee then we can help you make a claim for unfair dismissal.  Statutory rights are those rights which are laid down in law and designed to protect employees.  For example if you have been dismissed because you took a day off work to care for a dependant then your dismissal would have been unfair.

Examples of common infringements of statutory rights are:

  • Time off for antenatal care.
  • Time off for trade union duties
  • Refusing or proposing to refuse to do shop work on Sunday.
  • Working time, rest periods, breaks and annual leave
  • Making a Public Interest Disclosure (whistleblowing)
  • Taking time off to care for dependants

This list is by no means exhaustive and we can advise you on other statutory rights which you have enforced.


Whistleblowing or making a disclosure about such matters as health and safety issues; damage to the environment, a criminal offence or other illegal act  then you are considered to have made a disclosure in the public interest and as such are protected by law from dismissal.

Our no win no fee employment solicitors can offer you advice if you feel as though your dismissal relates to whistleblowing.

Transfer of Undertakings

A TUPE situation exists where a business is taken over by another business. Legally an employee is entitled to retain the same terms and conditions of work after the transfer.  If you feel that there have been substantial changes to your work or you have lost your job then call us for advice.

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