Pregnancy Related Dismissals

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It is a distressingly common occurrence. The discrimination against women in the workplace has no doubt improved greatly over recent years, yet there still seem to be those who, in their treatment of or attitude towards the female workforce, are behaving in a historical manner.

It is well known that women find it harder to burst into managerial and high ranking positions in the top professions, and those who do often find that they are paid less than their male counterparts. However, this discrimination is a problem for women across all forms of employment, particularly for those ‘of childbearing age’.

Married women between 28 and 35 are considered by some potential employers a high risk strategy. Although they are often qualified, experienced and likely to need a regular income, many employers are put off the ideal candidate for a position because of the threat of maternity leave and maternity pay.

Another common scenario is the dismissal of women during their probationary period.

For Example: Julia has been working in the manufacturing section of Company A for two months. Her probationary period is 3 months, and her work has been of a high standard, her punctuality and time keeping for breaks and arrival has been good, and there are no conflicts in personality between her and the other members in her team, and she has been praised by her line manager about how well she is doing. Overall, Julia is looking to pass her probationary period, and she is looking forward to progressing through the company.
And suddenly she finds out she is pregnant! Once she’s sure, she whispers the good news to her closest colleague.
Two days later she is summoned to the main office, and told that she has been making mistakes and there have been complaints about the quality of her work. The management are “Sorry but you’re simply not suitable for the role Julia. Please complete the working week. Terribly sorry it didn’t work out.”

This is discrimination and although Julia has only been there for two months and ordinarily, she wouldn’t qualify to bring a claim against her employer, because she has been discriminated against she may have a potential claim against her employer for discrimination.

Have you been unfairly dismissed relating to your pregnancy?

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