What employers and employees need to be aware of in 2013

Following a bumper crop of proposals from the Coalition Government in 2012, this year will see a raft of new legislation coming into force related to employment tribunals, family-friendly rights and employee-shareholder contracts to name just a few. Read our guide summarising some of the key updates that both employers and employees should be aware … Read more

Employment Law – what happened in 2012?

When everyone least expected it, 2012 became a dizzyingly busy year for employment legislation. There were periods over the last twelve months where at every turn there was a new government proposal, consultation process or amendment to employment legislation. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, headed up by Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat Business Secretary, … Read more

Osborne: “Give up your employee rights and own a slice of the company”

George Osborne resurrected controversial plans to dilute workers’ rights by announcing at the Conservative Party Conference that employees can give up some of their legal rights at work in return for shares in the company. Already being called “Beecroft by the back door”, referring to the divisive report on employment legislation by venture capitalist and … Read more

Your Maternity Rights at Work

We have much more information on our Maternity Law page. “Congratulations!”…Whether you hear this through gritted teeth or with genuine happiness from your boss, you have rights when you are pregnant, and your length of service is irrelevant. The 4 main rights are: The right to paid time off for antenatal care; The right to maternity leave; The … Read more

Returning to Work after Maternity Leave

Please also see: A Summary of your Maternity Rights Pregnant employees are, of course, entitled to return to work after maternity leave. The employee’s rights are slightly different depending on whether she is returning from Ordinary Maternity Leave (up to 26 weeks) or additional maternity leave (26-52 weeks). Returning after Ordinary Maternity Leave If the employee … Read more

Pregnancy Related Dismissals

Please also see: A Summary of your Maternity Rights It is a distressingly common occurrence. The discrimination against women in the workplace has no doubt improved greatly over recent years, yet there still seem to be those who, in their treatment of or attitude towards the female workforce, are behaving in a historical manner. It is well known … Read more