UK staff sick leave rates 50% less than Germany

According to a recent study by the Wolverhampton Business School, better employment protection and sick  pay is one of the main reasons for higher sick leave rates within mainland Europe. As a result of the UK’s weaker employment protection rights and lower sick pay rates, researchers claim that the number of UK companies declaring high … Read more

Woman Sacked After Miscarriages Wins Sex Discrimination Case

A female employee in Northern Ireland who had suffered two miscarriages and claimed that she had been sacked because of the corresponding time off work, has been awarded more than £12,500 by an Employment Tribunal. Linzi Close brought a claim against Belfast Audi Limited on the grounds that it had discriminated against her when it … Read more

Case Review: “What is a reasonable amount of time to take off to look after children?”

In the recent case of Naisbett v Npower Ltd, an employment tribunal considered the reasonableness of time taken off by an employee to look after her children, with six absences totalling seven days in 12 months. Employees are allowed to take a “reasonable” amount of time off for dependants, to cover unexpected or sudden events, … Read more