Care Workers Pay On The Up

There could be a shake-up on the cards for those employed as care workers following a decision in the Employment Appeal Tribunal. In particular regarding there pay during sleepovers at service user’s premises and when travelling between appointments. It is widely accepted that Care Workers are drastically underpaid with a large swathe working for less … Read more

Why employers need to consider their holiday policy

Under the Working Time Regulations 1998 you are entitled to 5.6 weeks holiday a year (including bank holidays) however if an employment lawyer has been used for drafting the contract it is fairly standard that you are not allowed holiday to be carried over from one year to the next. If your employer is rather … Read more

Case Study: Unlawful Deduction of Wages when you’re on call.

In 2011 we acted on behalf of a client, an interesting claim against Whitbred Plc. Our client was advancing two distinct claims and was successful, at the Employment Tribunal, with one of them, namely his claim for unlawful deduction from wages. This case serves as an important reminder to hotel workers and certain staff who … Read more

Case Study: Unlawful Deduction from Wages and Failure to Pay the Minimum Wage

We were instructed to represent a young lady who worked in a hair salon. She was taken on with the promise of an “apprenticeship” and paid a very low salary of £30 per day on the assumption, possibly naively on her part, that she would receive some form of apprenticeship or training to advance her … Read more

Employers who fail to meet minimum wage to be named and shamed

According to the BBC the Government has announced new plans regarding the payment of the National Minimum Wage, which will come into effect from October. It is hoped that the new rules, and the damage that adverse publicity might bring, will embarrass firms into paying the statutory minimum rather than flouting the legislation. Although the TUC estimates that … Read more

Pay-gradings: Are you able to challenge them?

We have recently been encountering several cases in which employees have been trying to argue that they have not been placed in the right pay grade and that they should be getting a higher salary. They have then gone on to express a desire to submit an unlawful deduction of wages claim for all the … Read more