Employment Law Updates in 2013

So another year has passed by and with it came a whole host of new features to make the Employment solicitors scratch their heads try and work out how things work now. This article will be a quick run down of all the key employment law updates that have happened over the past 12 months … Read more

Zero Hour Contracts will not be completely banned

Zero hour contracts are something of a thorn in the sides of the political parties at present with both the Tories and Labour making noises about them. However it does not seem like they are going to be removed any time soon. This is following an announcement from the Business Secretary Vince Cable. Vince Cable … Read more

Disability discrimination: Occupational Health report is not enough

We previously talked about disability discrimination and how if an employee self diagnoses themselves with an illness (be it physical or mental) that doesn’t mean that an employer has to implement reasonable adjustments. Instead they will need to get confirmation from other sources such as the employee’s doctor etc to confirm the knowledge that an … Read more

Pregnancy & Maternity Discrimination: Will there be a job waiting for you?

A recent report by Maternity Action titled Overdue: A plan of action to tackle pregnancy discrimination now has created some interesting reading. Their research looked into the level of maternity discrimination that females are encountering in the workplace and it has led to some rather shocking figures. One of the key figures that they have come up with is that … Read more

Reasonable Adjustments: Employer knowledge

Under the Equality Act 2010 an Employer is under a duty, pursuant to Section 20, to make reasonable adjustments for employees with disabilities. In particular there are 3 areas in which an employer has to consider reasonable adjustments and they are as follows: Equality Act 2010 S.20 … (3)The first requirement is a requirement, where … Read more

Care Workers Pay On The Up

There could be a shake-up on the cards for those employed as care workers following a decision in the Employment Appeal Tribunal. In particular regarding there pay during sleepovers at service user’s premises and when travelling between appointments. It is widely accepted that Care Workers are drastically underpaid with a large swathe working for less … Read more