Employment Rights in Disciplinary Procedures

Introduction Employment rights exist to protect you in the workplace.  They are perhaps never more necessary than if you are being investigated for misconduct.   What follows is a guide to the main employment rights available to you in a disciplinary procedures.   If you are facing a disciplinary procedure and would like more specific … Read more

Case Review: Ebay (UK) Ltd v Buzzeo

The Confusing Issue of an Effective Date of Termination Any firm of employment law solicitors worth their salt will be able to advise you on when you have to get a tribunal claim submitted by when making an unfair dismissal claim. As it currently stands under s.111 Employment Rights Act 1996 this is 3 months … Read more

Case Study: Caught in the act but a victim of entrapment

Tom Street & Co were recently instructed to assist a young man in connection with an unfair dismissal claim he wished to advance against his former employers. His employers were a high street retailer. He was dismissed for gross misconduct in connection with the alleged theft of extremely low-value items in this case, confectionary items. … Read more

Unfair Dismissal Calculator: How Much Compensation Will I Receive

When making an unfair dismissal claim one important thing to consider is the amount of compensation that you are going to receive. When a Tribunal is awarding compensation this is split up into two main sections which are the basic award and the compensatory award. The basic award can be calculated accurately  however it is … Read more

What Constitutes an Automatic Unfair Dismissal?

Within the Employment Rights Act 1996[1] and certain other pieces of legislation there are protections in place for employees greater than those afforded by a standard unfair dismissal claim.  If an employee is dismissed for one of these reasons laid out in statute and it can be proved that it was the reason or principal reason … Read more

Case Review: Dismissed for refusing a pay cut

We have recently been instructed to assist a client who was, unfortunately, quite suddenly dismissed after he refused to accept a pay cut.  Although surprising, it is possible for employers to dismiss employees if they refuse to accept a pay cut however, such dismissals will often be subjected the scrutiny of Employment Tribunals if the … Read more