Case Review: Teaching Assistant Wins School Unfair Dismissal Claim

A teaching assistant from Cannock has been awarded more than £16,000 in compensation after winning her school unfair dismissal case against Bridgtown Primary. Paula Williams, 45, was wrongly dismissed after claims that she swore in front of pupils, used inappropriate language and also posted “inappropriate Facebook photos”. The school head teacher, Joanna Raybould, told the … Read more

Case Review: Lorry driver unfairly dismissed after Facebook comments

A Scottish timber building company has lost an unfair dismissal case brought by an employee who was sacked after making derogatory comments on Facebook. Niall Kass, a lorry driver for the company Gillies and Mackay Ltd in Pertshire, was stopped by the police in his company vehicle which had an expired MOT. He was served … Read more

How your social media profile can affect your hiring potential?

With sites like Facebook having over a billion users worldwide and sites like Twitter and Instagram following closely behind in the amount of users, you can easily find out what people are doing and what their personality is like just from their various social media pages. Posting compromising photos and explicit status’ and comments really can hamper … Read more

Case Review: Employee who was demoted following Facebook comments wins breach of contract case

Adrian Smith, employed by the Trafford Housing Trust and also a devout Christian, remarked on his Facebook page that gay marriage was “an equality too far”. His comments were considered to be misconduct and as a result Mr Smith was demoted with a 40% pay cut. However this week a High Court judgment found in … Read more