Beyond the UK borders: Questions of territory in employment rights

The Employment Act does not specify territorial scope in regards to the rights of an employee. In a the Lawson vs Serco case, the court of appeal and the House of Lords relied on case law alone to come to their verdict.   The employer, Serco Ltd is a UK company which operates world-wide providing … Read more

Case Review: Caravan Park Manager Loses Unfair Dismissal Claim

A caravan park manager who resigned from his job after two money-making schemes had been discovered by his employers, has lost his unfair dismissal claim. Clarence Fitzsimmons who had managed the caravan park in Rhyl for 7 years, resigned in February 2013 but claimed constructive unfair dismissal. Mr Fitzsimmons claimed that pressure from the park … Read more

Case Review: Special Needs Teacher “Dismissed Unfairly”

As reported by the Watford Observer last week, a former special needs teacher was “dismissed unfairly” from Central Primary School in Watford. Kay Hart had been sacked after suffering severe depression, following the sudden death of her husband. An Employment Tribunal heard that Mrs Hart’s husband of 26 years, Graham, died suddenly at the age … Read more

Case Study: Caught in the act but a victim of entrapment

Tom Street & Co were recently instructed to assist a young man in connection with an unfair dismissal claim he wished to advance against his former employers. His employers were a high street retailer. He was dismissed for gross misconduct in connection with the alleged theft of extremely low-value items in this case, confectionary items. … Read more

Unfair Dismissal Cases

One of the most important statutory (legal) rights is the right to claim unfair dismissal.  A great deal of unfair dismissal cases have been heard by employment tribunals and what follows is a consideration of the most important of those cases.  An employee proposing to make an unfair dismissal claim must show that he has … Read more

Case Review: Teaching Assistant Wins School Unfair Dismissal Claim

A teaching assistant from Cannock has been awarded more than £16,000 in compensation after winning her school unfair dismissal case against Bridgtown Primary. Paula Williams, 45, was wrongly dismissed after claims that she swore in front of pupils, used inappropriate language and also posted “inappropriate Facebook photos”. The school head teacher, Joanna Raybould, told the … Read more

Employee Rights

The main employee rights available in the UK are set out below.  If you feel that you are being denied your statutory (legal) rights or you need any kind of employment law advice then please contact the Do I Have A Case helpline on 0800 0148727 for free, no obligation legal advice. Employment Rights Act … Read more