Contributory Fault – Can’t blame the employer for everything!

Following success at a tribunal most Claimant’s will be awarded a basic and a compensatory award. What employee’s need to be aware of is that their conduct prior to their dismissal might impact on any final award that is given in their favour. The reductions to both the basic award and compensatory award due to … Read more

Swearing in the workplace

Although swearing in the workplace was often commonplace in what could be viewed as male dominated environments such as construction it has started to migrate to other areas of the working world.Employee’s do need to be careful though as many a company policy on gross misconduct will include swearing within it and so we’d advise … Read more

Case Review: Sacked for stealing sweets won in Tribunal

Please see our video link here >> Tom Street & Co were recently instructed to assist a young man in connection with an unfair dismissal claim he wished to advance against his former employers. His employers were a high street retailer. He was dismissed for gross misconduct in connection with the alleged theft of extremely … Read more