Future changes to zero-hour contracts



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Future changes to zero-hour contracts

Zero-hour contracts have attracted headlines in the last couple of years, due to their remarkable increase that has flooded the employment market. According to the Office for National statistics, around one in fifty people in the UK were employed on a zero-hour basis in 2013. Whilst a survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development […]


The future of obesity issues in the workplace

In December 2014, there was a tribunal case in the European courts involving a man who was dismissed because he was morbidly obese (Kaltoft v Municipality of Billund (C-354/13). The case attracted huge public interest and a debate ensued in the press. The case is without a doubt relevant to the prevalence of obesity within […]


The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013

In an attempt to cut the burden of red tape on business, the government  has enacted the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013.  The Act brings about a whole host of legislative changes across a broad spectrum of areas; nestled in amongst measures to introduce a Green Investment Bank and the creation of a new […]

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Religious Discrimination

The Equality Act 2010 prohibits, at Section 10, discrimination on the basis of a person’s religion or belief.  In general a person is prevented from discrimination if they have a clear structure and belief system.   Such a definition prevents spurious claims on the basis of pseudo religious practices.   The European Human Rights Commission […]

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Employment Law Updates in 2013

So another year has passed by and with it came a whole host of new features to make the Employment solicitors scratch their heads try and work out how things work now. This article will be a quick run down of all the key employment law updates that have happened over the past 12 months […]

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Pregnancy & Maternity Discrimination: Will there be a job waiting for you?

A recent report by Maternity Action titled Overdue: A plan of action to tackle pregnancy discrimination now has created some interesting reading. Their research looked into the level of maternity discrimination that females are encountering in the workplace and it has led to some rather shocking figures. One of the key figures that they have come up with is that […]

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The Right to Choose Legal Representation

What is Legal Expenses Insurance? Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI), either purchased separately or included as an element within home insurance policies, should meet the legal costs of policyholders when they encounter difficulties which require the advice or representation of a lawyer. Restriction of the Right to Choose Legal Representation Often policyholders find that when they […]

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UK Employment Law Test Case for Christian Employees

In a case, which was heralded by some to be a UK employment law test case, a Christian employee has lost the case which she had taken to the Court of Appeal over her right to observe the sabbath and take Sunday as a day of rest. Celestina Mba, who worked for Merton council at […]