Religious Discrimination

The Equality Act 2010 prohibits, at Section 10, discrimination on the basis of a person’s religion or belief.  In general a person is prevented from discrimination if they have a clear structure and belief system.   Such a definition prevents spurious claims on the basis of pseudo religious practices.   The European Human Rights Commission … Read more

Third Party Harassment

What is Third Party Harassment? Third party harassment is the phrase used to describe harassment suffered by employees at the hands of customers, clients and suppliers.  Created by the Equality Act 2010, third party harassment legislation means that employees could issue claims against their employers if they failed to protect them adequately from the unwanted … Read more

John McCririck loses age discrimination claim

The racing pundit John McCririck yesterday lost his employment tribunal claim for age discrimination against Channel 4 and IMG Media Ltd.  The 73 year old was axed from the television coverage in 2012 after a new team took over following the acquisition of all UK horse racing events by Channel 4. The television pundit claimed … Read more

Incompetent employer does not necessarily make a dismissal unfair.

Employment solicitors who act for respondents are probably all breathing a sigh of relief following a decision by the Employment Appeal Tribunal. The case in question (Osoba v Chief Constable of Herts) related to a claim for unfair dismissal and age discrimination following a redundancy proceedings. The issue in this case revolved around the scoring … Read more

Racial Discrimination at Work

Racial Discrimination at Work Section 9 of the Equality Act 2010 covers the protected characteristic of Race.  Race for the purpose of the Equality Act includes colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins.[1] Discrimination on the basis of caste is not yet included in the legislation. Although it is fully expected to be included in the future … Read more

UNISON set to challenge Employment Tribunal fees

UNISON have today announced that they are considering applying for a judicial review of the government’s decision to introduce fees for Claimants in the Employment Tribunals. The basis upon which they are seeking to challenge the decision are: (1) on the basis that it is unlawful for Claimants to have to pay fees to exercise … Read more

Lesbian couple wins bullying discrimination case

A former Chief Executive and her partner have successfully made a claim for discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation against their previous employer. Leeds Employment Tribunal found in favour of Ms Paula Temple and Ms Stefanie Boulila and awarded them a total of over £80,000 in damages, following “cruel, oppressive and malicious” conduct by … Read more

How to reduce discrimination in the recruitment process

Following the recent case of Kpakio v Virgin Atlantic and the issue of possible racial discrimination in the recruitment process, governmental organisations and employers alike are considering how to “level the playing field” when it comes to the recruitment process. A recent article in the Guardian discusses the possibilities. In December 2012 the all-parliamentary group … Read more

Case Review: Racial Discrimination case against Virgin Atlantic dismissed

Liberian-born Max Kpakio claimed that he had been discriminated against on grounds of race by Virgin Atlantic during the recruitment process for a customer services job in their Swansea call centre. Mr Kpakio, a British citizen with a degree in international relations, claimed that having been rejected for the post, he reapplied with a typically … Read more

Equal Pay claims against Birmingham City Council soar to £890m

The liability estimate for Equal Pay claims against Birmingham City Council has increased by £130 million following a round of new claims and revised figures. In 2012 a group of 174 former care, cleaning and catering employees (all female) who had retired, won the right to make backdated Equal Pay claims against the council. Britain’s … Read more