Third Party Harassment

What is Third Party Harassment? Third party harassment is the phrase used to describe harassment suffered by employees at the hands of customers, clients and suppliers.  Created by the Equality Act 2010, third party harassment legislation means that employees could issue claims against their employers if they failed to protect them adequately from the unwanted … Read more

Case Review: Call Centre worker Wins £13k after sexual harassment

A 21-year-old woman has won nearly £13,000 in damages after she brought a claim for sexual harassment against her former employers. The employment tribunal in Liverpool heard that Elizabeth Cowhig had been bombarded with unwanted sexual harassment by her sales manager. When she refused his advances, she was dismissed. The claimant began work in August … Read more

Dundee Council ordered to pay £100,000 to harassed employee

A former school technician who was subjected to sexual harassment and bullying has been awarded more than £100,000 by an employment tribunal. Margaret Malcolm, age 46, had complained that male colleagues at Baldragon Academy had scribbled male genitalia on drawings she had done for her Brownie pack, stuck models of a penis to her telephone … Read more