John McCririck loses age discrimination claim

The racing pundit John McCririck yesterday lost his employment tribunal claim for age discrimination against Channel 4 and IMG Media Ltd.  The 73 year old was axed from the television coverage in 2012 after a new team took over following the acquisition of all UK horse racing events by Channel 4. The television pundit claimed … Read more

Employment Tribunal Claims Statistics

On the 1st November 2013 the Department for Business Innovation and Skills published the report of its 2013 study into The Payment of Tribunal Awards.  The study made some fairly startling revelations about the high numbers of people who, having bought successful employment tribunal claims, do not receive the compensation that they are awarded.  It also … Read more

Case Review: Dismissed for refusing a pay cut

We have recently been instructed to assist a client who was, unfortunately, quite suddenly dismissed after he refused to accept a pay cut.  Although surprising, it is possible for employers to dismiss employees if they refuse to accept a pay cut however, such dismissals will often be subjected the scrutiny of Employment Tribunals if the … Read more

Introduction of Employment Tribunal fees

There is a great deal of worry amongst the Unions and employment law solicitors with the approaching tribunal fees which arrive on the 29th July 2013. Their main worry which is fairly understandable is that the fees are going to deny justice to employees who have been unfairly dismissed. They could be viewed as prohibitive … Read more

UNISON set to challenge Employment Tribunal fees

UNISON have today announced that they are considering applying for a judicial review of the government’s decision to introduce fees for Claimants in the Employment Tribunals. The basis upon which they are seeking to challenge the decision are: (1) on the basis that it is unlawful for Claimants to have to pay fees to exercise … Read more

Case Review: Racial Discrimination case against Virgin Atlantic dismissed

Liberian-born Max Kpakio claimed that he had been discriminated against on grounds of race by Virgin Atlantic during the recruitment process for a customer services job in their Swansea call centre. Mr Kpakio, a British citizen with a degree in international relations, claimed that having been rejected for the post, he reapplied with a typically … Read more

Case Review: Employee unfairly dismissed for smoking in company vehicle

In the recent case of Halford v Seddon Property Services, the employment tribunal held that the claimant had been unfairly dismissed for breaching the “no smoking” policy for company vehicles. Mr Halford got into an argument with his manager over the condition of his company vehicle. The Operations Manager gave Mr Halford a warning for … Read more

Boss of £1million-a-year Coventry refuse business sacked nephew

The boss of a £1 million-a-year Coventry refuse business who sacked his nephew will not have to pay him compensation, a tribunal has ruled. Anthony Lakin – nephew of Kevin Kennell, boss of family-run firm Budget Skips Services – won his case for unfair dismissal at Birmingham employment tribunal on a technicality, because the firm … Read more