Incentivised Whistleblowing: Will it make a difference?

Employment lawyers across the UK will have to consider what the effect of incentivised whistle blowing could have on their workload. As there are murmurings that the Government is potentially looking to introduce some financial reward for successful whistle blowing. At present there is no financial reward for an employee to report any complaint to … Read more

Hospital whistleblower offered 56p compensation

A whistleblower at Southend Hospital who claimed that she had been bullied by colleagues after discussing concerns with management was offered just 56p in compensation to settle the case. Now, health care assistant Gillian Austin, 58, is bringing a claim against Southend Hospital and is seeking £185,000 in damages following victimisation and bullying. Mrs Austin … Read more

Healthcare assistants at risk through lack of training

A recent independent report has highlighted a worrying aspect with regard to Healthcare Assistants within Britain.[1] This is that there is no minimum standard of training before they are allowed to work unsupervised. The obvious risk being that without the proper training how are the healthcare assistants supposed to provide the required care towards their patients … Read more

Whistle blowing in the workplace: Impact of the new rules

Whistle blowing occurs when a worker reports what he feels is suspected wrongdoing at work. The things which workers can report include anything that is illegal or if work are neglecting various duties such as health and safety, environmental issues, covering up wrongdoing etc. An employee should not be dismissed because of the whistle blowing … Read more

Self Employed Whistle Blower Reinstated After Employment Tribunal

Sutton Council has agreed to pay compensation to, and offered to reinstate, an Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) who claimed that his self-employed contract with the Council was terminated after he raised concerns about the authority’s work with looked after children. Jon Fayle was an IRO with a self-employed contract for services with the London Borough, … Read more

Whistle blowing unfair dismissal claim for News of the World Journalists

Two former News of the World journalists have taken News International to the employment tribunal claiming unfair dismissal. Ian Edmondson, a former assistant editor filed his lawsuit in April after he was sacked in January. Neville Thurlbeck, a former chief reporter with the News of the World was sacked earlier this month. He has moved … Read more