Case Review: Wright v North Ayrshire Council

The Case of Wright v North Ayrshire Council is a welcome reminder that although constructive dismissal cases are hard to prove; you will often hear this when enquiring about employment law advice; they are not insurmountable. As long as there has been a breach by your employer there is potentially a case to be taken … Read more

Parental Leave

The Right to Parental Leave The right to parental leave applies to all employees with a minimum of one year’s service who have parental responsibility.  The right comes to an end on the child’s fifth birthday or, in the case of an adopted child, the fifth anniversary of adoption.   The right is extended to age … Read more

Racial Discrimination at Work

Racial Discrimination at Work Section 9 of the Equality Act 2010 covers the protected characteristic of Race.  Race for the purpose of the Equality Act includes colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins.[1] Discrimination on the basis of caste is not yet included in the legislation. Although it is fully expected to be included in the future … Read more

BBC Severance Pay

The controversy over the BBC’s severance pay policy is unlikely to have reached its peak as the ex-director general, Mark Thompson is questioned by the Commons Public Accounts Committee this week.   Thompson has already submitted a statement to the committee claiming that the Chair of the BBC Trust, Lord Patten and Trustee, Lord Fry … Read more

UNISON set to challenge Employment Tribunal fees

UNISON have today announced that they are considering applying for a judicial review of the government’s decision to introduce fees for Claimants in the Employment Tribunals. The basis upon which they are seeking to challenge the decision are: (1) on the basis that it is unlawful for Claimants to have to pay fees to exercise … Read more

UK Employment Legislation to Change from June

The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill received Royal assent in April of this year and now the Enterprise and Regulatory Report Act 2013 will gradually come into being over the next 12 months. The government has announced some key dates for changes surrounding Employment Law and Employment Tribunal procedures which will come into being from … Read more

Employment Law Highlights in Budget 2013

This year’s Budget delivered by George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, was light on employment law changes (probably because the last 12 months have been very busy with a raft of reforms) but here is a summary of employment-related aspects of the 2013 Budget: – The proposed “Employee Shareholder” system will be in operation as soon … Read more