Pregnancy & Maternity Discrimination: Will there be a job waiting for you?



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Pregnancy & Maternity Discrimination: Will there be a job waiting for you?

A recent report by Maternity Action titled Overdue: A plan of action to tackle pregnancy discrimination now has created some interesting reading. Their research looked into the level of maternity discrimination that females are encountering in the workplace and it has led to some rather shocking figures. One of the key figures that they have come up with is that […]

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The Right to Choose Legal Representation

What is Legal Expenses Insurance? Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI), either purchased separately or included as an element within home insurance policies, should meet the legal costs of policyholders when they encounter difficulties which require the advice or representation of a lawyer. Restriction of the Right to Choose Legal Representation Often policyholders find that when they […]

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Reasonable Adjustments: Employer knowledge

Under the Equality Act 2010 an Employer is under a duty, pursuant to Section 20, to make reasonable adjustments for employees with disabilities. In particular there are 3 areas in which an employer has to consider reasonable adjustments and they are as follows: Equality Act 2010 S.20 … (3)The first requirement is a requirement, where […]

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Care Workers Pay On The Up

There could be a shake-up on the cards for those employed as care workers following a decision in the Employment Appeal Tribunal. In particular regarding there pay during sleepovers at service user’s premises and when travelling between appointments. It is widely accepted that Care Workers are drastically underpaid with a large swathe working for less […]

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Fathers to Share Parental Leave

The government has published the final details of its proposals to allow fathers to share parental leave and statutory pay.  From April 2015, once a new mother has taken her compulsory two-weeks off to recover from the birth of her baby, the remaining 50 weeks may be split between both parents. The Present System Currently […]

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Employers Required to Pay for Psychiatric Treatment

The recent Employment Appeal Tribunal case of Croft Vets v Butcher has given rise to the possibility that employers may be required to pay for psychiatric treatment or counselling for their depressed employees. The appeal in Croft centred around an employee who had taken time off work because she was suffering from work-related stress and […]

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Case Review: Ebay (UK) Ltd v Buzzeo

The Confusing Issue of an Effective Date of Termination Any firm of employment law solicitors worth their salt will be able to advise you on when you have to get a tribunal claim submitted by when making an unfair dismissal claim. As it currently stands under s.111 Employment Rights Act 1996 this is 3 months […]

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