Discrimination claims expected to rise in 2012

Changes to employment legislation introduced today, Friday 6 April 2012, are likely to lead to an increase in the number of discrimination claims from disgruntled employees. The qualifying period for claiming unfair dismissal increases from one year to two years, applying to anyone employed from today onwards. “This is likely to mean employees seek ways … Read more

Whistle blowing unfair dismissal claim for News of the World Journalists

Two former News of the World journalists have taken News International to the employment tribunal claiming unfair dismissal. Ian Edmondson, a former assistant editor filed his lawsuit in April after he was sacked in January. Neville Thurlbeck, a former chief reporter with the News of the World was sacked earlier this month. He has moved … Read more

If You Have Been Replaced When You Return From Maternity Leave

Please also see our Maternity Law page. Returning to work after maternity leave carries its own stresses. Coping with your child, ante-natal care and the many rituals of motherhood, all in, it’s a daunting package. You might expect some consideration from your employer, and fortunately, maternity law grants you rights against discrimination. If you have been replaced while … Read more

Vince Cable Leads the Coalition Government’s Attack on Employee Rights

Vince Cable Leads the Coalition Governments Attack on Employee Rights Vince Cable the Business Secretary today announced that the Coalition were undertaking a review of UK employment laws which could result in a significant erosion of employees’ legal rights. One to Two Years The Government are considering increasing the qualifying period to bring an unfair … Read more

Your Maternity Rights at Work

We have much more information on our Maternity Law page. “Congratulations!”…Whether you hear this through gritted teeth or with genuine happiness from your boss, you have rights when you are pregnant, and your length of service is irrelevant. The 4 main rights are: The right to paid time off for antenatal care; The right to maternity leave; The … Read more

Returning to Work after Maternity Leave

Please also see: A Summary of your Maternity Rights Pregnant employees are, of course, entitled to return to work after maternity leave. The employee’s rights are slightly different depending on whether she is returning from Ordinary Maternity Leave (up to 26 weeks) or additional maternity leave (26-52 weeks). Returning after Ordinary Maternity Leave If the employee … Read more

Qualifying period for Unfair Dismissal may be extended

———————————————————————————— *UPDATE – 27th January 2011* Vince Cable Leads the Coalition Governments Attack on Employee Rights ————————————————————————————- The Government has recently announced that it is considering changing employment law to restrict employees’ right to bring unfair dismissal proceedings against their employers until the employee has worked for two years or more. Currently, the qualifying length … Read more

Pregnancy Related Dismissals

Please also see: A Summary of your Maternity Rights It is a distressingly common occurrence. The discrimination against women in the workplace has no doubt improved greatly over recent years, yet there still seem to be those who, in their treatment of or attitude towards the female workforce, are behaving in a historical manner. It is well known … Read more