John McCririck loses age discrimination claim

The racing pundit John McCririck yesterday lost his employment tribunal claim for age discrimination against Channel 4 and IMG Media Ltd.  The 73 year old was axed from the television coverage in 2012 after a new team took over following the acquisition of all UK horse racing events by Channel 4. The television pundit claimed … Read more

Age Discrimination and Retirement Age

Two things have muddied the waters with regard to age discrimination and retirement age. 1.  In 2011 the government abolished the default retirement age.  Previously set at age 65, this was the age at which employers could expect their employees to retire. 2. The Equality Act 2010 prohibits discrimination on the grounds of age making … Read more

Employment Rights in Disciplinary Procedures

Introduction Employment rights exist to protect you in the workplace.  They are perhaps never more necessary than if you are being investigated for misconduct.   What follows is a guide to the main employment rights available to you in a disciplinary procedures.   If you are facing a disciplinary procedure and would like more specific … Read more

Case Review: Wright v North Ayrshire Council

The Case of Wright v North Ayrshire Council is a welcome reminder that although constructive dismissal cases are hard to prove; you will often hear this when enquiring about employment law advice; they are not insurmountable. As long as there has been a breach by your employer there is potentially a case to be taken … Read more

Employment Tribunals: How to deal with non payment of award

Following the recent publication of research by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (“BIS”)  which stated that only 64% of successful Claimants recovered compensation following an Employment Tribunal decision[1] the Government has accepted that this has got to change. One problem that we occasionally encounter is when the Employer ceases to trade their limited … Read more

Employment Tribunal Claims Statistics

On the 1st November 2013 the Department for Business Innovation and Skills published the report of its 2013 study into The Payment of Tribunal Awards.  The study made some fairly startling revelations about the high numbers of people who, having bought successful employment tribunal claims, do not receive the compensation that they are awarded.  It also … Read more

Why employers need to consider their holiday policy

Under the Working Time Regulations 1998 you are entitled to 5.6 weeks holiday a year (including bank holidays) however if an employment lawyer has been used for drafting the contract it is fairly standard that you are not allowed holiday to be carried over from one year to the next. If your employer is rather … Read more

Incentivised Whistleblowing: Will it make a difference?

Employment lawyers across the UK will have to consider what the effect of incentivised whistle blowing could have on their workload. As there are murmurings that the Government is potentially looking to introduce some financial reward for successful whistle blowing. At present there is no financial reward for an employee to report any complaint to … Read more